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Establish November 5th as Guy Fawkes Day Nationwide

Guy Fawkes Day, also known as Bonfire Night, is a significant part of British history and culture. Celebrated annually on November 5th in the United Kingdom, it marks the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 by Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This day serves as a reminder of our shared historical heritage and the importance of democracy. Recognizing this day nationwide in America would not only foster cultural exchange but also promote understanding about this pivotal event in British history. We request that November 5th be officially recognized as Guy Fawkes Day across all states to encourage cultural diversity and historical awareness among citizens. Please sign this petition to support our cause for nationwide recognition of Guy Fawkes Day on November 5th.


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US adds hacktivists, social media manipulators to top intel threats 

 The US counter-spy agency said Monday that cyber and surveillance technology advances have multiplied the intelligence threat to the country, putting hacktivists and online manipulators on a par with venerable foe Russia.

The biennial National Counterintelligence Strategy for the first time singled out anti-secrecy organizations, independent hackers and Islamic extremist groups as espionage threats requiring close attention.


The new strategy report adds Cuba, Hezbollah, Islamic State and Al-Qaeda as groups able to undertake intelligence operations against the country.

In addition, it lists "ideologically motivated entities such as hacktivists, leaktivists, and public disclosure organizations," and foreigners with no formal organizational affinity who also conspire to steal sensitive data and intellectual property.

"They are conducting malicious influence campaigns using cyber operations, media manipulation, covert operations, and political subversion to sow divisions in our society, undermine confidence in our democratic institutions, and weaken our alliances."


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Opening Day Back breaker

I started out around 5 driving out to my property, got down there around 6:30 and decided to drive down and park on the west side of the creek.
My section of land is surrounded by another persons property and since it just rained i wasn't about to try and drive through his plowed up field so i parked on the dirt road.
I geared up decided i would just strap my 308 over my back and carry my 223 just in case i needed to make that long shot, locked the pickup and took off walking.
That section of land on the west side used to be farmland but since has grown Johnson grass about 5 feet tall. 

I was surprised at the amount of trails cut through there by all of the hogs and i noticed that the deer were using them too, i jumped about 8 or 9 of them bedding down out there, since the grass was so tall i could never get a clean shot.
I walked around on the west side for awhile and decided to go drive around to the east side.

Once i came in on the east side i started to drive to the nw corner but upon coming over the hill i noticed that the next door neighbors were in their deer blind so i turned around and went down to the central gate to the creek bottom, decided to leave the 308 in the pickup this time because i didn't think i would see any deer this time so i just grabbed the 223.

I walked to the treeline cut through the timber and went down the creek bank onto the sand bar, walked about 50 yards and had to cross a narrow stream of water , crossed it and came up on another one, stopped and was looking at how deep it was that's when i looked up and was face to face with a 8 point buck about 20 yards away from me, i froze while he was staring at me but moved my arm slowly and he turned around and started to run but only ran about 10 yards and stopped with his ass facing me, that's when i had the time to adjust my red dot scope to a bright setting and take aim.
He turned slightly to the right to turn his head and look back but before he could i took my shot, i aimed right for the center of his back knowing that a spine shot was all i had and it would drop him and it did but it didn't kill him, he started to get back up and i popped him again and he went back down.
I waded through the water and when i came up on him he was dying slowly so i took my 40 sig out of my holster and put one more round in him and finished him off, once i knew he was gone i rolled him over and gutted him right there.

Now here's where the back breaker part comes in, where i was located there was no way to get any type of atv down there so i had to drag him about 100 yards up the sand bar, up a 7 foot muddy creek bank , through a half mile of timber to the fence and get him in the bed of the pickup.

Was by myself and didn't have any help anyways im posting this on Tuesday and im still a little sore from that workout.

Update on my backyard

Well my great grandparents owned the property most of their lives and when they passed away my grandmother inherited it and she passed away in march of 2015 and the land went in probate.
It's all pasture , farmland and bottomland full of whitetail deer ,all native wildlife and feral hogs WAY TOO MANY feral hogs , it has 3 crayfish ponds and 2 catfish ponds on it and west cache creek which has alligator gar, carp, flathead, blue cat and channel catfish in the deepest holes , it has sand bars with clear water surrounded by heavy wooded areas.
The probate hearings lasted almost 4 years , it all started with my own father and his wife putting a protective order on me to keep me away from my grandmother as soon as they knew she was starting to show signs of dementia because at the time she was nearing 89 years old, one of the caretakers she had (had no family relation) talked her into getting a power of attorney over her and 2 weeks after they did that they had a will made .
The problem with their will is that they went down and had it notarized and had people sign it and took it back to her and had her sign it at her house without anyone present.
My own father and his wife and 2 of my oldest kids turned against me telling the local police dept that i was abusing her , my father nor my mother raised me , my grandmother raised me from a baby , they had this planned out because they knew i was going to take her to change the beneficiary to me instead of them.
They tried for 4 years to drag me through the dirt at every probate hearing but their will was not legal as many times as the probate court gave them to verify their will their notary nor their witnesses would not show or call in . my wife at the time had another will made which they didn't know about  
untill the probate hearings and when their will finally got thrown out and mine was on the table they said the worst things about me in those hearings calling me a monster , my own father and my oldest children , and the judge gave them 5 chances to prove their will and only gave me 1 chance , all my witnesses and my notary were present the only time the court gave me so the court awarded me the property.
It;s been a month since the probate has been over and i decided to go out the property since i own it now and there's been a farmer leasing it before she passed away and it went into probate (it is Indian trust land but i am the sole owner) when i pulled up there i was disgusted at what i saw.
this guy bulldozed all the mesquite trees upo in the pasture into piles and left not one tree, put cows on the property but cows is not the problem its the fact he wiped out all the mesquite trees and left all these piles of wood on the property .
Anyways this next pic is the property lines and its alot of property.