A refugee rant....

Now the influx of people from the mexican border is the same as the influx of people from syria , background checks do not check feelings and beliefs of each and every one of these people and will not stop the violence that is coming from a percentage of these refugees look at the violence that has occurred from those coming across the mexican border not say that all of them are like this but you can't do a background check on the mind and who is paying for this ? if you say the government you are an idiot , if you have a job and pay income taxes you are paying for it and and they will raise taxes on you to pay for it and you will suffer even more for it, so if you think that it's ok for to to get closer to poverty to help them if you are not already employed and already there, it's gonna get worse for each and every one of us and the economy because obama is trying to drive the U.S. into another depression unlike no other depression in the history of the U.S.

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