The biggest one of them all.

Friday, July 17, 2015

And so he should, because prison is exactly where Barack Obama belongs. This is a push to give felons the right to vote. The reason our prisons are so full is due to criminals from other countries and gangster lifestyles by those who feel that they have gotten a raw deal in life. But not to worry, if Obama, the Marxists and a number of Progressives on the right side of the political aisle get their way, the numbers in our prisons will be drastically reduced.
So, along with Obama freeing stone cold killers who are illegal immigrants, you will have felons freed across the nation to roam our streets and wreak unfettered, violent havoc. Behind a great deal of this, you will find the soft, persuasive dulcet tones of Van Jones. Communists believe the legal system is thoroughly racist and anti-working class. They also believe the following: “U.S. prisons are bursting with over 2 million prisoners, with virtually no serious efforts at prevention or rehabilitation. Prisoners face widespread abuse and the anti-labor exploitation of prisoners for sub-minimum wages.” One of the overriding goals of Communism/Marxism is to release prisoners for a range of reasons.

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