Texas middle school teachers give student 'ghetto' award

Certificate for a “Ghetto Classroom Award” at Sulphur Springs Middle School in Texas. KLTV

The fuming family of a Texas middle school student who received a "ghetto" classroom award from his teachers is demanding an explanation for the insulting prize.
A 14-year-old Sulphur Springs Middle School student went home with the "Huh? Award" this week for apparently often saying the word in confusion, KLTV reported.
"I had to take a second look. I was like, really? How could a teacher put this on there?" the eighth grader's grandmother Debra Jose said. "Did she just say ghetto on a certificate that she was giving my grandson?"
The so-called "8th Annual Ghetto Classroom Awards" certificate was signed by two teachers — Mrs. Garner and Mr. Couch — and bears the initials of the school's principal.
But the principal's signature was forged, and he was not aware of the awards, according to Sulphur Springs Superintendent Michael Lamb, who told KLTV he was "shocked" at the certificates.
"The "huh?" award just begs questions. And then the 8th annual brings questions, too," he said. "It's my understanding the same award was given last year to up to 60 kids."
Garner and Coach did not immediately return requests for comment to the Daily News on Friday.
The school district is investigating the awards, which it called "unacceptable" in a statement. 
"SSISD wants to apologize to anyone that was offended by this action," the statement said. 
But the award had already done damage, the boy's mother told Fox 4.
"(He's) pretty hurt, you know," Jerrika Wilkins said. "He feels pretty inferior. You know, he want to succeed. You know, it just kind of hurt his feelings."



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    Sounds like an appropriate award to me. They should probably rename it the "Dunce" award.


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