Im starting to get pissed.........

I got a protective order put on me by by own so called family saying i am abusive to my grandmother WTF ? she raised me not my so called father or my loser so called mother fuck them they aint shit to me i respect my grandmother more than all them dumbasses so they made up some shit on a police report to basically cut me out of the will because i was the only one that was there for me was my grandmother , i don't have a real family she is the only family i got anymore , they brainwashed my own kids into hating me, ...well fuck all of them i never have been mean to my grandmother she raised me from when i was in the nursery at the hospital ,my mom left me there and so did my dad my grandmother came and got me from the hospital and raised me but now that she is 88 yrs old they want to get me off of the will fuck all of them there not my family and i have no respect for any of them including my children for turning against because they are old enough to know better but brainwashed by them into hating me, my grandmother has and always been my only family in my life , and the P.O. they filed they have no proof so it's all about " he said she said" so fuck all of them .


  1. Fight it if you can. Go to the hearing and contest it if it is as you say, it should be quashed. Good luck


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