Georgia teacher to retire after blasting Obama to students

DUBLIN, Ga. (AP) — A central Georgia middle school teacher who criticized President Barack Obama and his supporters in front of students has been removed from the classroom, pending her upcoming retirement.
Ledbetter said Perry was already planning on retiring before a student's parents accused the teacher in March of telling her class Obama is Muslim and Christians shouldn't support him.
"On behalf of the School District, we want to apologize to the student and to his parents," Ledbetter said at a school board meeting. "It is not the place of teachers to attempt to persuade students about religious or political beliefs."

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Doesn't Surprise me at all,
Suspending kids for pretending to have a gun.
Trying to ban American flags on school grounds.
But yet they try to promote Islam in the school system.
And with the practice of common core the education
system it isn't about learning it has for many 
years been just about obedience.   

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