Where's John Connor ?

The real 'Terminator?' Chinese scientists create liquid metal machine

It’s the rise of the machines – a Chinese research team has developed shape-shifting, liquid metal machines. No, this isn’t the idea for a new “Terminator” sequel. Scientists from both the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University’s medical school discovered that their liquid metal is able to “eat” materials and use energy from that to propel itself forward.

Their findings were published in a recent issue of Advanced Materials journal.
“The soft machine looks rather intelligent and (can) deform itself according to the space it voyages in, just like (the) Terminator does from the science-fiction film,” Tsinghua University researcher Jing Liu told Technology.org. “These unusual behaviors perfectly resemble the living organisms in nature.”

Link here.

This might be a possibility someday , well if we don't blow ourselves up before then.


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