My backyard

Well i went out to my backyard today and walked around, it's been a few months since I've actually
just took my gun and walked around on my land, We (me and shari) walked about 4 miles through some heavy timber and it being around 4-5 pm the hogs were still bedded down and we ran up on one
a big one around 400-500 lbs , shari was behind me with her M&P (smith and wesson) she seen it jump up first and run , as big as it was that fucker was fast , being in heavy timber i took a couple of shots at it with my bushmaster but as thick as the timber was that fucker was gone.
Well the spring wheat is just coming up and on the west side of the creek there not that bad , but when i walked to the bottom land fields in the west side well i came across this shit :
yeah these fuckers are doing some damage alright, (pic above looking west)
Above pic (looking south)
Good thing is that it snowed recently and rained a little so i at least got to hear some frogs
since i grew up on the farm(on this land) it was great to hear that sound considering the
extreme drought in this area.
Showing the creek in the middle of my property (300 acres of it) is still dry at the top :
Being a 9 yr old kid growing up out here, there was a time in my life that i could take the farm
dogs and a 22 rifle and not worry about anything , but since the feral hog explosion and me being 43 years old now i know you wont be safe anymore, so when any stupid city born idiot tells you that you don't need an AR15 type assault looking rifle to hunt, i would gladly respond "yes you do".

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