A Warning to the FCC

Does anyone think that this has faded away , no it has not and if the federal government wants to use the FCC to attack the internet ,does anyone think we have become just protesters , umm just just those non pc writers for those of us that know code we know the internet and there is no entity that can stop us , no mit, itt tech nerd that can stop us , we own the internet  we are the ones that wrote your atari games we are the ones that can script you out of existence in cyberspace , let's see what the FCC tries to do , to the FCC try to imagine your cyber security guys no matter how many ,up against thousands that know more than they ever could because most have learned by books , hahahahaha, fear us , because when most of them where still in school we were writing scripts that would make their heads spin, so FCC do you really want to take us on , i think not , unless you just are that stupid, so far we have made the federal government look stupid in the fact that we have eradicated almost all social sites and profiles pertaining to islam and ISIS recruiting something that obama has failed to to and we have embarrassed the Us government  in doing so , however by siding with the FCC leaves us no choice but to come after you once again, the internet is our world and you have stepped on hallowed ground and expect us soon, you cant regulate us we will shut you down you have NO security and we will show you this , find us and arrest us and it will get worse for you .
We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

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