Starve the Beast

800K ObamaCare Filers Told to Delay Filing Over Erroneous Tax Info

The Obama administration said on Friday it would create a special enrollment period for uninsured tax filers who were unaware they could face penalties for missing the official open enrollment deadline of Feb. 15.
Officials also said that IRS forms sent to about 800,000 tax filers contained a health insurance subsidy error that could cause some people to receive a greater or smaller refund than they are entitled to. New forms will be sent out shortly, they said.
Of the 800,000 people who received the erroneous forms, 90 to 95 percent have yet to file their taxes.

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A good example to obama care  is imagining a large beast that has to constantly be fed
and if one year millions of people regardless of income just didn't file their taxes at all.
The beast would attack its feeders by force .
And that my friends would mark the trigger for the next American civil war .
And to think , that's what it was started over the last time.

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