camouflaging my bushmaster..

I started off at my lowes and purchased the following:
Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves (10 PK)…2.48
Scotch Blue 1.41″ Edgelock Painter’s Tape…3.93
Natural Sea Sponge…8.97
Rustoleum Spray Paint, Earth Brown or similar color…4.98
Rustoleum Spray Paint,  Forest Green or hunter green will work…4.98 
Valspar high Temp Spray Paint, Khaki…4.98
Grand Total…$30.32 (before tax)

Sorry about the low light , my garage needs more light .
Started with the pmags  by taping off the receiving ends and applying a base coat of
the high temp Khaki , once the khaki dried i pooled the green in a container and used
the sea sponge (tore it in half) to blot random patterns on the mag's.

With my little bushmaster i taped the serial number, the grip (my hand will cover anyways),
and to prevent paint from getting inside the gun i used cotton balls in the camber ,receiver and
flash suppressor.
And with the same procedure as the p mags this is the end result  :

The paint will dull more once it is fully cured.


  1. In my experience, making the pattern indistinct and without clear edges works much better. I camoed a Mossberg Patrol last summer, spent a lot of time with the painter's tape making cool tiger stripe like patterns, but while the gun looks great, it does not disappear in the weeks, which was in fact my goal. Next time I'll do it like you are, with sponges and a mass of fuzzy, indistinct shapes.

    1. don't forget to make sure the base coat is " high temp" paint :)


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