Country Boy

I grew up as a child on a rural farm , the closest neighbor was 2 miles from the house.
And i am thank full for my childhood because growing up i learned:

Discipline : when i fucked up i got my ass beat for it and when i ran i got a dose of 410 rock salt for it.  
And as bad as that sounds , it was positive because i also learned the meaning of "respect".

Hard work : mowing a full acre of yard with a push mower and my great grandfather only giving me 5 dollars for it , loading hay bales on a pickup truck and clearing 30 acre field in one day and not getting a dime for it, moving cattle on horseback, driving a semi and running a tractor.

Responsibility : getting up every morning knowing there are , dogs,cats,chickens,hogs,horses,and cattle (Winter) that are depending on you to feed them everyday, not to mention with me it was upkeep of 300 acres of fence line most of it in a creek bottom through alot of timber.

When i was 10 years old my grandmother bought me a Texas instruments computer for Christmas and i was fact i was fascinated with it and learned everything about it , and we didn't have internet however it came with a book of programs that you learn to make it do cool shit , now 30 + years later  i can write most computer languages , HTML,JAVASCRIPT,RUBY,PYTHON and C++. 

Im now a local semi driver (home every night, off most weekends) that's my day job. 
I have a blog ,facebook page, and a twitter acct for one reason , that's to wake people up and make them see the truth and when you grow up in a big city all you know is what your being told.
and i hope to change that with social media.

There, you have that much about me now.

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