Im gonna start a monday nite rant, heh

(mainly political but could derive from another topic i have to disagree with)

Lets start with Syria , now Assad is a American lover yet John McCain  met with the so called Syrian
Rebels (I.S.I.S)  , do anyone of you think what they talked about was actually public ?  and i bet it wasn't about Assad it was about what has been happening today .
just like Eric holder financing and arming Mexican drug cartels  and now our borders are being flooded with illegals , now does those things by the slightest chance sound premeditated any at all ????   When you have a administrative branch of the government arming and financing enemies of the u.s. it just goes to show that another American revolution is gonna be in order. or a world revolution might be in order for the people of the planet to take back their freedom , and live as the human race should live on this planet. 

This is all a big game to them , our lives are a big game to them as the way they see it.

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