President Obama, Clueless In Chief

It’s really true. The president hasn’t got a clue.
President Barack Obama doesn’t understand why Russian President Vladimir Putin is chewing on Ukraine, and he doesn’t understand why Hamas can’t stick to a ceasefire with Jews.
He doesn’t understand why the Senate is in gridlock, he doesn’t understand why the Ex-Im bank is unpopular, and he doesn’t understand why his immigration-boosting bill has collapsed.
Obama showed his isolation from reality, and his parochial view of the world, during a Aug 1. press conference where he tried to explain why so many of his foreign policy and domestic projects have crashed since 2012.
His rationalizations and explanations seemed sincere, as did his puzzlement and frustration.

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  1. Looks like he's trying to poke both his eyes out in that picture. Must have gotten a glimpse of Mooch nakkid.


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