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Well the way i see what i post in this blog and anywhere else in cyberspace , bottom line is " i don't give a fuck" they can call me an extremist , i don't care because im a native American that loves this land i live on
and will die on to protect the freedoms that was given to the Americans that changed this land when this so called government was founded from the independence from the British , my ancestors might have been slaughtered and rounded up by this so called government , however i have been born past all that an come to realize that they may have fucked our ancestors ( native American)  but we cant let them fuck us again (learn history because it is trying to repeat itself) and we may have to fight again and take this country back that belongs to us not those so called elected officials , they will call me a terrorist for stating this , however they are the terrorist's not "we the people" we are this country not the power hungry greedy ones on capitol hill
especially senators , we need to impose term limits on them , because our biggest problem is that they have been in office way too long.
middle eastern countries have waged war based on their beliefs for hundreds of years , its a shame that the united states is coming to that soon and its not based on religion, the fact we were promised "land of the free and home of the brave" is being raped by our fascist government , most people are waking up and getting fed up with whats going on , however they are to afraid to take action and speak out , and they use your money to arm themselves against you , starve the beast , quit paying them , they can threaten you with jail for it , just goes to show "is not a free country anymore" and on the subject of money , it is a worthless piece of paper
the only thing that makes it worth anything is how much it is in circulation , keep your promissory notes and fuck the U.S. government .
Another civil war is coming , get prepared .      

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