Sober driver arrested for drunk driving after deputy runs stop sign and crashes into her car

Ms. Weyker’s injuries were too severe for officers to issue a field sobriety test and even get a breath sample. However, Weyker was arrested anyway on five charges including, “drunk driving causing injury.” Tests would later prove Weyker’s innocence finding no trace of alcohol or drugs in her system.

So why was she arrested? Todd Korb, Weyker’s lawyer, told WITI that the arrest was surprising because the authorities had virtually no evidence she was drunk. Korb said, “I can’t say it is necessarily a cover up, but it is suspicious.” Andrew Mishlove, a drunk driving defense expert, told the station that the only cause to arrest Weyker would have been if Deputy Quiles pointed the finger at her. “I think he was trying to protect himself and his department, to be honest,” said Weyker.

Any officer that falsifies a report -especially to protect themselves or someone else that broke the law- should be fired, blacklisted from any government or public service, then imprisoned for 15-20 years.

Any cop that backs another cop doing this, or harasses someone because a cop was at fault, should share in the penalty.

The badge is not a symbol of power and authority, it is a display of honor and service to others...we need to get rid of people in law enforcement that treat it as the former. 


  1. The main point I see is to never tell a police officer you've so much as saw someone drinking alcohol, or prescription medications. They have the resources of a city to use anything you say against you, whether they're acting within the law, or not.

  2. The badge is not a symbol of power and authority but a display of honor and service to others. Any officer who falsifies a report to protect themselves should be tried with intensity. Spare a thought for Ms. Weyker though! One can expect a DUI conviction to raise their vehicle insurance rates for years. There are competent lawyers who can assist you in facing your penalties. My brother works with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer and have told me that a good lawyer can impact outcome of case to a great extent.

  3. I went through the same type of inconvenience. A police officer pulled me over at 3AM on my way home from work. I was tired, so I wasn’t paying close attention to the field tests and they assumed I was drunk. 6 hours later they realized their error and let me go after me pleading and trying to explain my case.

    Leticia Holt @ KHunter Law

  4. This story really scares me because what happens if that woman was hurt so bad at the hands of the cop she couldn't speak or defend herself. Leaving her fate to the hands of someone to test her blood scares me because if they are friends with the cop, couldn't that evidence slip away? DUI is a serious concern, getting charged wrongly is even worse.


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