Uh Oh, NSA: People Are Protesting Online and IRL Today

Two weeks ago, we called your attention to the forthcoming "Day We Fight Back," an Internet movement designed to fight back against the NSA's data collection program. Guess what? The day is finally here. Watch out, government.
Today, as planned, dozens of participating websites like Upworthy and Piwik are posting banners on their home pages, encouraging viewers to call up and email their local legislators and complain about the NSA.
"It's off to a great start, as we're driving in about 5,000 calls and 15,000 emails to Congress each hour," David Segal, executive director of Demand Progress and one of The Day We Fight Back’s leading organizers, told Betabeat in an email. "It's helped a broad coalition solidify around this issue, and has spurred some of the major platforms to take sharper tacks on these issues — particularly Google, which sent an action alert to the activist list of several million people that it built during the SOPA fight.

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The NSA as it stands is more proof that the rich and powerful are out to destroy the U.S. Constitution and further repress the middle and low class,nothing short of a full scale revolution will stop them,they are the true enemies of the U.S. Constitution and the United States as a Whole!  

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