The IRS, The Refund Process and That Pesky 1121 Code

It’s worth clarifying that not all taxpayers who are experiencing errors and delays fit that profile. Some taxpayers report only one or two of the three, while others may not have any of those scenarios. However, the majority of complaints being reported to date from taxpayers and tax preparers tend to fit that profile.
I reached out to IRS to find out more. Initially, there wasn’t a whole lot of information but then, it’s still early in the season. Today, the IRS specifically addressed the 1121 code issue, saying simply that they are aware of the situation and advised taxpayers to “continue checking Where’s My Refund for an update. If we need more information to process their return, we will contact them — usually by mail.” The IRS stressed that this does not mean that taxpayers are being automatically audited (as was the rumor).

They left out the part about the I.R.S. still targeting conservatives and tea party members ,Went to file, claimed 0 all year and picked myself up and just found out that they want 1,300 from me on fed and 845 on state , the tax consultant couldn't offer me an explanation, told me to call them and advised it could take 6-12 weeks to receive a written explanation , i was also told that it was at their discretion and they didn't have to provide one at all. 
my message to them "come find me , cause you aint getting a dime".

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