Hillary or Bust: How Clinton Buzz Hurts Other Dem Contenders

Still, it's clear that the specter of a Clinton candidacy is looming over both men and women Democrats who might otherwise be more aggressive in preparing a run. And that's prompted some to worry that the party will be in real trouble if she ultimately decides not to do it.
"You're going to see more and more Democrats out there. I heard
Gov. O'Malley for example the other day, someone asked him a question, asks him if Hillary gets in. He says, well, what if she doesn't?" Harkin, the longtime Iowa senator, said in an interview.
A Clinton "no" would upend the field and prompt many of those who've ruled out a bid to reconsider, Democrats of all stripes said. Warren, one of the stronger potential female candidates and one whose progressive profile aligns with restive elements of the Democratic base, could find herself under particular pressure to reevaluate a bid.
Not that she's willing to engage on that point. Warren, walking alone in the Capitol last month after a Senate vote, refused to say a word when approached by a reporter and asked if Clinton was freezing the presidential field and whether she would reconsider if Clinton decided against a run. How about a straight "no comment?" the reporter asked.
Warren, staring straight ahead, power-walked away.

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  1. 2016 is not looking like a good year for either parties I doubt Clinton is going to take a stab at running and Warren while ok is not presidential material.


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