Friday Gifs

I kinda have to space them out because its kinda hard to focus on one when they are all playing together. 

Been Practicing. 

This dog needs to quit watching t.v.

He got tired of his PC and his PC got tired of him.

Must be a good song.

Thats uncalled for.


  1. I normally don't like to see a police officer pop a civilian, but I remembered this one, he was called for some incident in the store involving one of the women and both women went off on him and they slapped the crap out of him then continued getting in his face and he popped one and handcuffed her then dealt with the second one. I had seen the whole video, apparently she tried to sue the department for "racism"

    1. the suit was thrown out i bet ??

    2. Hey Red,

      I think it was once the Jury saw the whole tape, not the edited version. You saw a bit of it when at the very beginning of this clip when both women were "on him". I don't know about you but getting slapped by 2 combative black women with the associated theatrics would scare the crap out of me. All it would take is somebody else to come up behind him while he was occupied with them.


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