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Will anyone really be shocked if soon we will be finding out that the Obama administration was behind the hacking of Target stores before Christmas. Why? because Target is a conservative owned business and that means an opponent to Obama and his NSA and IRS lawlessness and they will do anything possible to silence their "enemies". We saw videos of IRS workers dressed up as Star Trek actors and acting out scenes with expensive stage props paid for by U S taxpayers. That is only one case. Also recently there was a news story that 35-40 $million dollars was missing out of the IRS funding account and the justice department (Eric Holder) announced that they are not going to investigate it. That money was funneled to top IRS officials by the Obama administration to bribe these IRS people to do exactly as the administration orders and if caught just lie and deny, Like Lois Lerner did. Obama and Eric Holder will protect you...
And the ACA well.......
what would you except from Obama's handout crowd?? or his illegals?? they all thought Obamacare would be free !!! we should impeach Obama and his whole socialist democrat party,, this train wreck along with all of Obama's failures,, which has been everything he has done or tried to do,, have and will continue to ruin America for years to come,,, Obama has lied and cheated the America people to the point of no return,,I hope the day will come,, we ,, the American people can shove it down his throat like he has ours,, and to think he will be payed by our tax dollars even after he is out of office is pathetic,,, 
The Democrats destroy jobs, so they can have the eternal votes of the unemployed they subsidize with the taxes collected from the few who remain working. They destroy healthcare, so they can have the eternal votes of the elderly and sick, relying on the payments of the young and healthy. They destroy marriage, so they can have the eternal votes of the children growing up outside of a nuclear family who're disadvantaged to succeed in life. They destroy education, so they can have the eternal votes of the 'ignorant by design' future population. They destroy immigration policy, so they can have the votes of illegal aliens who'll always vote in favor of the hand that feeds them with other people's money.  

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