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Army probing Instagram of soldier 'hiding' to avoid flag salute

An Army private who wrote on Instagram that she was “hiding” in her car to avoid an end-of-day flag salute is the latest soldier to face possible punishment over what the military has called distasteful social media posts.
Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey of Ft. Carson in Colorado posted a selfie, with a caption that read:
“This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag, KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL/HOWRUDE/ETC.’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF,” the last string of letters referring to “I don’t give a …”
Ft. Carson officials said Wednesday that they are aware of the photo and investigating after the image began circulating on Tuesday and was first reported by the Army Times.
Last week, a National Guard funeral honors team member in Wisconsin was suspended after Instagram posts of her making light of military funerals started spreading.
In Washington, an Air Force staff sergeant became the subject of investigation after she saw one of her Facebook photos go viral online. The photos shows her sticking her tongue into the mouth of the soldier silhouette on the Prisoner-of-war-Missing-in-action logo.
In all three cases this month, the main soldier in question has been a black female, prompting some commenters to wonder whether such soldiers are being targeted.
The soldiers have been bombarded with comments of disgust, though some have come to Sheffey's defense and said ditching flag salutes is common.
Military officials have said they would make clear to soldiers that they must watch what they post online.
“Fort Carson leaders will continue to educate soldiers on standards and discipline and appropriate professional conduct on social media consistent with Army Values -- both on and off duty,” a statement said.

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Man Accidentally Kills Self With Gun During Demonstration On Gun Safety

A man from Independence Township, Michigan, accidentally shot himself to death on Monday while teaching his girlfriend about gun safety, the Oakland Press reports. The 36-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was showing his girlfriend how his three handguns are safe when they aren’t loaded, according to the Detroit Free Press. He was attempting to demonstrate the safety of the handguns by holding them to his head and pulling the trigger.

I don't care how drunk i am or have been , i cant get drunk enough to put a firearm to my head loaded or unloaded even with the chamber wide open and the clip removed , no matter what the case may be , never point a firearm at anything living unless you intend to kill it and this includes yourself , this is a sad example .........

Meth wasn't done cooking..

Meth Conviction Thrown Out Because Cops Were Too Efficient



A Maine man's meth-trafficking conviction was overturned Tuesday because the cops were too efficient — they arrested him before he could actually finish cooking any meth to distribute.
The state Supreme Judicial Court threw out Aaron S. Lowden's conviction and seven-year sentence for aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs because, you can't traffic in a scheduled drug "without a scheduled drug ultimately being produced," Justice Donald G. Alexander wrote in a 13-page opinion (PDF).
Image: Aaron Lowden York County Sheriff's Office
Maine sheriff's deputies didn't give Aaron Lowden a chance to finish making his meth, so there was no meth he could have distributed, the state Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday.
Lowden, then 43, was arrested in January 2012 in the barricaded basement of a house where he was renting a room in Lebanon, about 35 miles southwest of Portland.
On the advice of a neighbor, the home's owner called the cops after she noticed a "disgustingly sweet" odor coming from the basement.
A deputy found Lowden in the basement standing in front of a camping stove with two glass containers — one of which was boiling something that was throwing off fumes. So the deputy shut off the stove and evacuated the house.
In a search of Lowden's rented room, investigators found some of the "key components sufficient for the manufacture of methamphetamine," according to court documents, as well as a copy of the book "Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture" — better known as "Uncle Fester's Synthetic Manual" — a cookbook for illegal drugs.
What authorities didn't find was any actual meth — "a necessary element of unlawful trafficking" in meth, Alexander wrote.
While Lowden was also charged with attempted trafficking, prosecutors didn't ask the jury for a verdict on that lesser charge since it had already convicted him of the main trafficking count. So the only recourse, the high court said, is an outright acquittal.
The state attorney general's office didn't answer a call for comment on the ruling or whether it would seek to retry Lowden on the lesser charge.

Freedom slaves

Gun control: Appeals court eases California counties' concealed-carry rules

In a surprising ruling, a federal appeals court Thursday declared unconstitutional the restrictions that many California counties have used to sharply limit the right to carry a concealed handgun.
The 2-1 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a San Diego case isn't final because it could still be appealed. But if it stands, "California will join the vast majority of other states that now (freely) issue permits to people for self-defense," said Chuck Michel, attorney for the California Rifle and Pistol Association.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said today that California is wrong to require applicants to show "good cause" to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon. (Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group Archives)
That would be a sea change for most Bay Area counties, where sheriffs generally require applicants to show evidence that their safety is at such great risk that it can only be addressed by giving them a permit to carry a gun. But in other parts of the Golden State, it's much easier to get a concealed-carry permit: While sheriffs in urban counties hand out permits by the dozens, sheriffs in less-populated rural continues hand them out by the thousands.
Thursday's ruling, cheered by pro-gun groups and panned by gun-control advocates, means that one day all law-abiding Californians with the right training and a desire for self-defense could have the right to carry concealed handguns.

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2 Cents

Will anyone really be shocked if soon we will be finding out that the Obama administration was behind the hacking of Target stores before Christmas. Why? because Target is a conservative owned business and that means an opponent to Obama and his NSA and IRS lawlessness and they will do anything possible to silence their "enemies". We saw videos of IRS workers dressed up as Star Trek actors and acting out scenes with expensive stage props paid for by U S taxpayers. That is only one case. Also recently there was a news story that 35-40 $million dollars was missing out of the IRS funding account and the justice department (Eric Holder) announced that they are not going to investigate it. That money was funneled to top IRS officials by the Obama administration to bribe these IRS people to do exactly as the administration orders and if caught just lie and deny, Like Lois Lerner did. Obama and Eric Holder will protect you...
And the ACA well.......
what would you except from Obama's handout crowd?? or his illegals?? they all thought Obamacare would be free !!! we should impeach Obama and his whole socialist democrat party,, this train wreck along with all of Obama's failures,, which has been everything he has done or tried to do,, have and will continue to ruin America for years to come,,, Obama has lied and cheated the America people to the point of no return,,I hope the day will come,, we ,, the American people can shove it down his throat like he has ours,, and to think he will be payed by our tax dollars even after he is out of office is pathetic,,, 
The Democrats destroy jobs, so they can have the eternal votes of the unemployed they subsidize with the taxes collected from the few who remain working. They destroy healthcare, so they can have the eternal votes of the elderly and sick, relying on the payments of the young and healthy. They destroy marriage, so they can have the eternal votes of the children growing up outside of a nuclear family who're disadvantaged to succeed in life. They destroy education, so they can have the eternal votes of the 'ignorant by design' future population. They destroy immigration policy, so they can have the votes of illegal aliens who'll always vote in favor of the hand that feeds them with other people's money.  

Friday Night Music Wall

Friday Gifs

I kinda have to space them out because its kinda hard to focus on one when they are all playing together. 

Been Practicing. 

This dog needs to quit watching t.v.

He got tired of his PC and his PC got tired of him.

Must be a good song.

Thats uncalled for.

Bout Right

Bye Bye MRAP

Would these even be legal for civilians to purchase ?
I happened to run across this on "countryRebel's" blog Thx

hail to wait what ???

Check for this.......

This is in response to a question i had on this subject on an earlier post i made, they're not on just mailboxes because i found one on a carport beam , check everywhere in front of your home.

Something i might add :

The 3 "000" means millions.

Dicktater, heh



Some Serenity.


Heh, animated target practice.

You are not alone.


Senate clears debt limit measure for Obama

Cruz countered: "In my view, every Republican should stand together against raising the debt ceiling without meaningful structural reforms to rein in our out-of-control spending."
The same bill had passed the House on Tuesday after Republican leaders gave up efforts to hold up the debt ceiling measure to win concessions from Obama on GOP agenda items like winning approval of construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.
Quick action on this latest debt limit bill stands in contrast to lengthy showdowns in 2012 and last fall, when Republicans sought to use the must-pass legislation as leverage to win concessions from Obama. They succeeded in 2011, winning about $2 trillion in spending cuts. But Obama has been unwilling to negotiate over the deb limit since his re-election, and Wednesday's legislation is the third consecutive debt measure passed without White House concessions.
Republicans have been less confrontational since October's 16-day partial government shutdown sent GOP poll numbers skidding and chastened the party's tea party faction. Republicans have instead sought to focus voters' attention on the implementation and effects of Obama's health care law.
But most Republicans still say any increase in the debt ceiling should be accompanied by cuts to the spiraling costs of costly benefit programs like Medicare.
"We need some reform before we raise the debt ceiling. We need to demonstrate that we are taking steps that will reduce the accumulation of debt in the future," said Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, top Republican on the Budget Committee. "And the president and the Democratic Senate have just flatly refused. So they've just said, 'We'll accept no restraint on spending'."
Some Republicans seemed irked that Cruz wouldn't let the bill pass without forcing it to clear a 60-vote threshold that required some Republicans to help it advance.
"I'm not going to talk about that," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, when asked if Republicans are annoyed with Cruz.
The debt measure permits Treasury to borrow regularly through March 15, 2015, putting the issue off until after the November elections and setting it up for the new Congress to handle next year.
If Republicans take over the Senate, they're likely to insist on linking the debt ceiling to spending cuts and other GOP agenda items. But for now at least, the issue is being handled the old fashioned way, with the party of the incumbent president being responsible for supplying the votes to pass it and with the minority party not standing in the way.

 This cannot be fixed , the economy and the currency of the united states , is rapidly headed for a permanent collapse and they know it and they are militarizing the domestic police force , D.H.S. have purchased ammo by the billions , weapons, and mraps , the postal service is purchasing small arms , remember the red,green or blue stickers supposedly in or on your mailbox , nope any where in your driveway , seen them already , bout a half an inch in diameter , when i heard about this last year i was skeptical about it until i started seeing them , i will take some pics and post them soon.

The IRS, The Refund Process and That Pesky 1121 Code

It’s worth clarifying that not all taxpayers who are experiencing errors and delays fit that profile. Some taxpayers report only one or two of the three, while others may not have any of those scenarios. However, the majority of complaints being reported to date from taxpayers and tax preparers tend to fit that profile.
I reached out to IRS to find out more. Initially, there wasn’t a whole lot of information but then, it’s still early in the season. Today, the IRS specifically addressed the 1121 code issue, saying simply that they are aware of the situation and advised taxpayers to “continue checking Where’s My Refund for an update. If we need more information to process their return, we will contact them — usually by mail.” The IRS stressed that this does not mean that taxpayers are being automatically audited (as was the rumor).

They left out the part about the I.R.S. still targeting conservatives and tea party members ,Went to file, claimed 0 all year and picked myself up and just found out that they want 1,300 from me on fed and 845 on state , the tax consultant couldn't offer me an explanation, told me to call them and advised it could take 6-12 weeks to receive a written explanation , i was also told that it was at their discretion and they didn't have to provide one at all. 
my message to them "come find me , cause you aint getting a dime".

More on above story.   

Until Another Day

Try it.

American Dream


Wont happen.

Uh Oh, NSA: People Are Protesting Online and IRL Today

Two weeks ago, we called your attention to the forthcoming "Day We Fight Back," an Internet movement designed to fight back against the NSA's data collection program. Guess what? The day is finally here. Watch out, government.
Today, as planned, dozens of participating websites like Upworthy and Piwik are posting banners on their home pages, encouraging viewers to call up and email their local legislators and complain about the NSA.
"It's off to a great start, as we're driving in about 5,000 calls and 15,000 emails to Congress each hour," David Segal, executive director of Demand Progress and one of The Day We Fight Back’s leading organizers, told Betabeat in an email. "It's helped a broad coalition solidify around this issue, and has spurred some of the major platforms to take sharper tacks on these issues — particularly Google, which sent an action alert to the activist list of several million people that it built during the SOPA fight.

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The NSA as it stands is more proof that the rich and powerful are out to destroy the U.S. Constitution and further repress the middle and low class,nothing short of a full scale revolution will stop them,they are the true enemies of the U.S. Constitution and the United States as a Whole!  

Whos your daddy.


Its Unfortunate.

New blow for Obama health law

Republicans seized on the new adjustment to the law to accuse Obama of usurping his powers to cover up for what they see as the health care reform's failure.
"The White House seems to have a new exemption from its failed law for a different group every month," said Mitch McConnell, the top Republican in the Senate.
"It's time to extend that exemption to families and individuals -— not just businesses."
Republicans are making controversy over the health care law the centerpiece of the campaign to win mid-term elections, in the hope of taking back the Senate.
As well as the website debacle, Obamacare was also hit by the president's now discredited promise that if Americans liked their existing plans and doctors they could keep them.
Obama however argues that after early glitches, the law is gathering pace.
He says nine million people have now signed up for new insurance policies or joined an expanded Medicaid program for the poor. 

CLARIFICATION...over 9-million people clicked to see what a joke their options really were! But ask any Kool-Aid drinking Libertard and the law is glowing with success! Nothing new.

Babes With Guns