Stop Hillary PAC asks for investigation into pro-Hillary group

Earlier this month, Clinton's failed 2008 presidential campaign rented out their email list to Ready for Hillary. The group then sent out an email to those Clinton supporters, offering bumper stickers that read "I'm Ready for Hillary." While Ready for Hillary is focusing on building their own email database, spokesman Seth Bringman told CNN that Ready for Hillary had rented the Clinton email list in order to "connect with her past supporters."
The anti-Hillary group argues this violates campaign finance law because the rental shows Clinton is supporting the work that Ready for Hillary is doing on her behalf.
“Ready for Hillary is in the business of trying to get Hillary Clinton to run for office – essentially to draft her for office. And that’s their right to do so, provided the object of their draft – Hillary – isn't behind it or helping them, because then it stops being a draft committee and becomes an authorized campaign committee.

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