Obama: Take NSA out of storing snooping data

Though the administration can initiate some of the reforms immediately, others will require congressional reauthorization. If libertarian-minded lawmakers from both parties aren’t satisfied by Obama’s reforms – particularly those involving meta-data that will be developed in the coming months by Holder and the NSA – it could spark a fight on Capitol Hill about whether further constraints are needed on government surveillance practices.
"President Obama's announced solution to the NSA spying controversy is the same unconstitutional program with a new configuration," said Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a libertarian-Republican critic of the NSA. On CNN, he suggested that the scope of government surveillance must ultimately be settled by the Supreme Court.
Such a fight would lay bare some of the odd political fault lines when it comes to national security issues, pitting hawkish Democrats and Republicans, joined together, against a handful of progressive Democrats and an ascendant, libertarian-minded wing of the GOP.

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Here is a video of some "bullshit" .

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