NSA reportedly using radio waves to snoop on offline computers worldwide

Even when your pc is supposedly asleep it still has a wireless connection , and if not powered off can still be ratted or busted, better to power it off when not in use , because a so called firewall does not protect all of your ports , if your pc is still sending and receiving data packets even in sleep mode your ports are still open and vulnerable , as any hacker knows its easy to hack a wifi connection , why the N.S.A. is going to this length to spy on its own people is beyond me, just goes to show who you can trust and its not your federal government , so if they think im a threat because of what i post  i guess they will find out when they show up at my door, tread on me and find out what happens next, i wont back down , i wont conform, i wont comply (especially when im practicing my 1st amendment rights)
im not a terrorist im a native American patriot that will fight to the death for my freedom and the freedom of everyone in this country, that's my word and in sticking to it.  

Link to full story here .

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