Concerning the SOTU Address

He can hold a pen and phone (not sure what the phone is about, besides the ghost busters, who would he call?), he can write executive orders, but he cannot add or circumvent any law without congress. He can define existing laws, he can make Tuesday casual dress day at the WH, he can do some things with his magic pen...but he cannot invent laws or enforce laws that aren't approved by congress. He can veto laws, but congress CAN over ride his veto....that's written in the constitution. Balance of power was vitally important to the framers of our country in that they have a real and distinct fear that too much power would be given to one person, who could rail road over the entire government and be a king. Mr. Obama is striking a chord with Americans big time with these latest sword rattling tactics, that regardless of party affiliations, brings out a strong opposition to that. It encroaches on the very document we have based our society on. Free speech, illegal search, monarchy rule, gun control...those are things every American is guaranteed a right too, not because government gives it to us, we were born with it. And ONE man in the last 5 years has tried and is still trying to infringe on those rights. Most people would expect their elected leader of the free world to stand up for those rights, to lead the charge protecting those rights...but he has instead been the one directing the assault on them.
I understand that not everyone likes guns. Fine, you don't have to like them, but they are part of what made America to the point they are protected in the constitution.

Mr. Obama, before you take the stage for your speech, read a book on leadership. Stop blaming others for your mistakes or short comings. 5+ years after taking office and you have accomplished nothing except Obamacare, which is highly controversial and only got passed by forcing it onto democrats when you could get it passed easy. You had time with complete party control of the legislative branch and did not address any campaign promises. Please read that book on leadership before you go on TV, in front of the American people and blame congress for stopping you. That is there job, and after having ACA forced on us, the American people replied...more republicans in congress. Blaming them is blaming the voters that put them there. Instead blame yourself for not being a good enough leader to get republican and democrats to work together better, and move on quickly.
Americans are getting sick of not having representatives because they are bought and paid for by corporations. A congressman or senator is one of the best investments a large company can make you get them in your pocket for 20 years or more to push your agenda over the voters.
No more catch phrases and ne-liners. You have never fulfilled them before now, and I doubt you will in the near future.

Here's a breakdown of how the SOTU will go:
* Enter (all standing and applauding)
* Greetings and salutations by POTUS
* Make comments we must all work together (all applause, Democrats, most Republicans stand)
* Invoke names of military/special guests in attendance (all applause, stand)
* Present stories of how great he is and all the things he's done (Democrats stand and applaud)
* Present his agenda for the year (Democrats, some Republicans stand and applaud)
* Threaten Republicans (Democrats stand and applaud)
* Threaten other countries (Democrats, some Republicans stand and applaud)
* Make some comment about the group giving an item he wants and he'll "sign it right away" (Democrats stand and applaud)
* Threaten with executive action (Democrats stand and applaud)
* Threaten Republicans with veto power with anything they attempt to pass even if it is something he wants (Democrats stand and applaud)
* Provide closing remarks and some attempt at a rally cry, exit (all stand and applaud)
* NBC reports how people loved the speech and how many standing ovations the president gets.

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