Changes for Obama climate goals do not need congressional OK: report

The report also calls for a federal process to develop methods to account for the full costs of various energy choices, including healthcare costs associated with air pollution.
By calculating those costs, the administration would have more information and choices to develop a "best of the above" energy strategy. That's in contrast to the "all of the above" strategy often cited by the administration.
That strategy uses cost assumptions and acknowledges the need for the continued use of fossil fuel energy sources while calling for a ratcheting down in carbon emissions.
"All of the above" has come under criticism, most recently by several leading U.S. environmental groups that sent a letter last week to new White House energy adviser John Podesta.
In a reply to the groups, Podesta outlined some of the administration's accomplishments on the environment, including new vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards, in light of tough political opposition from Republicans in Congress.
He noted their attempts to defund the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or to weaken its authority to regulate greenhouse gases, and said he had expected to see more support for the administration's work from the groups.

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