Beer VS Fire

Houston firefighter hops to it, extinguishes truck fire with beer



Moreau, who was off duty, said he grabbed the extinguisher, crawled under the truck and tried to knock down the flames. But that wasn’t enough.

He asked the driver what he was carrying. His response: "Beer! It’s all beer!"
Just then, the tire exploded, Moreau said. Acting fast, he ordered the driver to open the truck and toss him some tallboys.
"I shook them up, and popped a top one at a time until the fire was out and the brakes were cool," Moreau wrote. "Thankfully they were tallboys. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all, he was so shaken up that the humor escaped him."
Beer, because it contains mostly water, works well in a pinch.
"I have no doubt if the beer hadn't been there, the whole trailer would have burned up," Moreau told the Houston Chronicle. "A few more minutes down the road and it may not have worked."

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