Barry Greenfield

Barry Greenfield wants to use his position in town government to create a precedent in Massachusetts of having militarized police make unconstitutional raids of the homes of legal, law abiding gun owners in order to seize those firearms not in compliance with newer Massachusetts storage requirements or other laws.

Presumably his plan is not voluntary or a "suggestion" but backed by force and violence of the increasingly troop-like military style tactics we see in town police forces. Recently in Methuen the local police, backed by the DHS and FBI troops raided the home and arrested a college student and seized his legal firearms for failure to comply with new storage requirements limiting accessibility and a magazine which was over the arbitrary state limit. Greenfield wants to not just see this become the norm, he wants raids done on Law abiding citizens where there is no suspicion of wrongdoing.

Greenfield is not content with the overreaching violations of the Second Amendment, he wishes to use force and violence to also violate our Fourth Amendment.

NO. Even people in favor of gun control should not stand by and support such reckless disregard for the rights of fellow citizens.

We are going to make Barry Greenfield famous.

Either he will apologize and back off his ridiculous proposal or he will resign or we we keep sharing this and fighting him to the ends of the earth.

SHARE this and spread the word to everyone you know.

Make Barry famous.

His phone number is:
1-855-433-3468. x101

Leave a message and let him know how you feel.

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