Road hogs

Born and raised in this place called life
I got a serious case of the clap
Dirty fingernails killin' and stealin'
I'm a bonified psycho and I'm ready to snap

Take a demon seed
Smoke a lotta weed
You can't stop me
Oh, hell no
It's greasy style
And my shit for miles
Come and get me
Yeah, come on and get me, man

Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah
Road hog
Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah
Road hog

On the highway, I am thick as shit
It's just the seat is really killin' my 'roids
Motorcycles and a fifth of the beam
I'm a double cammy shammy with a need to destroy, yeah

Super holy shit
Pussy, ass, and tits
You can't stop me
Oh, hell no
There, you missed a cue
Have a turkey
Yeah, come on and get me, man

Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah
Road hog
Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah
Road hog

I never said anything
Don't make it fucking killing me
Lick My boots you whore,
Then go to the store
We need munchies
Go get me some munchies bitch

Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah
Road hog
Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah
Road hog

June-bugs on my face
Skeeters in my teeth
Fuck it, oh shit
And we're almost done
Ain't this shit been fun?
See you later
Yeah, y'all come back now

Road hog, baby
Chicken fried, double cheese
Put everything on it



Alot safer too.

A Little G & G

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A Canadian city is putting warning labels on gas pumps

Imagine going to fill up your tank and seeing a label on the pump that says what you are doing was causing climate change.

The city of North Vancouver in Canada is launching a new program to encourage drivers to think about being more energy-efficient when they drive — and that fossil fuels contribute to climate change.

The city council heard about the plan during a presentation last summer by teenage climate change activist Emily Kelsall.

At 18, she's already a seasoned climate change campaigner and public speaker. She learned about an effort by the climate activist organization Our Horizon to get warning labels on gas pumps.

Kelsall contacted Our Horizon founder Robert Shirkey.

Shirkey worked with the teenager to help her make a compelling case to the mayor and city council.


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Lmao !!


Are you ready ?

From Brexit to Texit? Renewed calls for Texas secession after EU vote

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Britain's startling vote to leave the European Union has reignited talks of secession in Texas, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported.
Daniel Miller, head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, sent a tweet to Gov. Greg About Friday morning calling on him to schedule a statewide referendum on "Texas independence."

Good Morning @GregAbbott_TX Its a great day to schedule a referendum on Texas Independence!
— TNM (@TexasNatMov) June 24, 2016The hashtag #Texit was trending locally, according to CBS DFW. People at the Fort Worth Stockyards had mixed reactions to the idea.
"It's worth a shot. I'd be happy," resident Tab Pigg told the station, saying the East and West Coasts "run everything."
"No one knows we're even here," Pigg continued. "Best thing we could do is let them have it. They want to make a wreck out of their part of the world, let 'em wreck it."
"I feel like that's almost a little arrogant," said Clavin Wiese, a tourist from Boston visiting Fort Worth. "What are you, too good to be part of the rest of us, the United States? I don't know."
Texas was an independent country from 1836 to 1845 and breaking away from the U.S. has been an age-old debate there.

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